Children’s Book Reviews

We love reading at The School Room Teddington as we know that not only is it the cheapest and easiest way to travel, we can immerse ourselves in fantasy worlds, travel and back and forth in time and experience adventures that would make your hair stand on end!

We would like to share some of our favourite and current reading books with you. Maybe you will be inspired to read one of them!


Ida, age 9

Holes book review

Death and survival are the main themes of this book. This book is called Holes and the author is Louis Sacher. The main characters are Stanley Yelnats and Hector Zeroni AKA Caveman and Zero respectively.

I would recommend this book to people who like thriller movies and those who like to be kept in suspense.

My favourite phrase is, “Stanley Yelnats has rotten luck (which is all because of his no-good rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather).” I like this phrase because it is hilarious and it describes why Stanley has such bad luck.

This amazing story was set in Camp Green Lake, a juvenile detention centre in the state of Texas, USA. This book is called Holes because the boys have to dig holes all day in the boiling heat. There is a malevolent warden who makes the boys dig holes all day and she scratched Mr Sir with her nails making him scarred for life.

I give Holes a five out of five rating because I really enjoyed this book. Hope you guys read this book!